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Hello and Welcome post


Just found this comm on LJ and I wanted to post a hello to all the members.


I have become recently (re)obsessed with Guiding Light, more specifically with the coupling of Danny Santos and Michelle Bauer, aka "Manny". I have spent almost an entire week (after work, of course :P) watching old clips of them on YouTube. I have been watching all the later stuff when Nancy St. Alban joined the show as Michelle. As much as I liked Bethany Joie Lenz, all I see her as is Haley James Scott on One Tree Hill. I personally am a NSA fan and think she really owned the role of Michelle early on. I know she was never the "favorite" Michelle, but I personally think she was the better Michelle, and *my* favorite. :)

I miss this show so much. I really wish it would come back on. My dream would be for there to be a soap opera channel (oh wait, we HAD one until the Disney D-bags *cancelled* it! *growls*) that showed all the old soaps that had been cancelled, brought back to life. :)

I would love to see Guiding Light, As The World Turns, Another World, All My Children, One Life To Live, Ryan's Hope, Sunset Beach (to name a few) to come back with new storylines. Even reruns would be great too. It's got to be better than the crap that's on soaps these days!

What couples/storylines were your favorite? What do you miss most about the show?
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